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What symptoms tell you that the child is sick

If the baby has a fever or rashes, you immediately go to the doctor. But sometimes the ailment proceeds imperceptibly and at first sight does not disturb the baby.

Most often, it happens in the winter-spring, when the immunity of the baby is weakened. Spots on the nails, circles under the eyes, excessive sweating .. Do not ignore such signs. Listen to these tips - and you can avoid complications.

What symptoms tell you that the child is sickFind out what signs will help you to determine that your child is sick.

1. Severe sweating
Check if the baby is sweating excessively. Such a reaction of the baby can signal a serious illness.
  • Track, does not cover the toddler then during quiet, quiet games.
  • If the child wakes up from the back with a damp back against the sweat, and during the meal his head is sweating, know: he definitely lacks vitamin D.
For a small one, this useful substance is extremely important, as it provides normal growth and development of bones. Prolonged lack of vitamin sometimes leads to a disease like rickets.

What to do?
  • The doctor will be able to cope with the situation: he will appoint the necessary dose of vitamin D. It is also found in fish, egg yolks, dairy products
Often go with a little in the fresh air, sunbathe. Gentle rays contribute to the development of the necessary vitamin, but it is better not to rest under direct rays.

2. Sucking fingers
In children who all try on the tooth or simply suck fingers, often there are cracks on the lips and in the corners of the mouth. Such a nuisance causes inconvenience to the baby: the wounds do not heal for a long time, and during eating, it feels very uncomfortable, painful. There are seizures in newborns, especially if they often regurgitate.
  • Fissures are formed with a deficiency of B vitamins , which regulate metabolism, and also if the organism of crumbs is weakened after the disease. Are your baby's fingers constantly in your mouth? This is also the cause of the ailment.
What to do?
  1. Lubricate the wounds with antibacterial and anti-viral ointment, which the specialist will prescribe.
  2. Often my baby handle and watch that he does not pull into his mouth foreign objects.
  3. With each regurgitation of a small and after a meal, soak the corners of his lips. The fabric that touches the mouth should be very soft.
3. Changes in the nails
Carefully inspect the baby's fingers. Your task is to react instantly to the slightest changes on the nail plates.
  • Longitudinal white lines most often indicate that the development of the nail is likely influenced by some kind of medication.
  • The emergence of white spots can talk about the lack of vitamins B and selenium, infection of the body or anemia.
  • Thickening of one or more marigolds on the feet is often due to injury or constant pressure (for example, too tight shoes). But sometimes the fungus manifests itself that way.
  • Foaming of nails indicates a great lack of iron and vitamin C.
What to do?
  1. Give carapace bananas, carrots, sweet green pepper (age dosage!). They will fill the deficit.
  2. Take care that the shoes that the baby wears do not cause him discomfort, do not rub or squeeze fingers.
  3. Vitamin C and iron are found in cabbage, green peas, dairy products, citrus fruits, cucumbers. They will help improve the condition of the nails. But if within a week of positive changes are not observed, turn to a specialist.
4. Circles under the eyes
Did you notice that the child under the eyes has a darkened skin? Pay attention to when and how he falls asleep, does he sleep well. Maybe he just does not have enough rest.
  • If a little sleeps hard, sweet and long, but the blue does not disappear, it can signal problems with kidneys or infection with worms. As soon as possible, give tests.
  • In addition to dark circles, there were pallor, pain in the tummy and lack of appetite? There are signs of intoxication syndrome or other serious illness (for example, allergies).
  • The yellow color of the skin in the crumbs and darkening under the eyes often indicate trouble with the liver.
What to do?
  1. For some babies with a thin and especially delicate skin, dark circles under the eyes are a constant phenomenon. But to be sure one hundred percent that the baby is healthy, watch it.
  2. Make sure that the baby does not bother at night: the little one should sleep soundly and calmly.
  3. Watch how often the crumb goes to the toilet.
  4. If something is alarming, tell us about the alarming prizes to the pediatrician. He will help get rid of the disease.
5. Spots in the tongue
Very often the appearance of the tongue of crumbs can tell about existing or possible problems in the body.
  • If the spots with twisting contours that create the effect of a geographical map, do not worry. Such changes are not dangerous and by six years must pass by themselves. Although sometimes they indicate an allergy to a product.
  • Darkening of the tongue is observed after the use of antibiotics. The cause of this is often the infection with a fungus.
  • Plaque on the tongue, as a rule, is a sign of an infectious disease.
What to do?
  1. You can get rid of the little white spots if you rub it twice a day with a tampon slightly moistened with a solution of baking soda.
  2. When the tongue is lined, reduce the amount of flour products in the ration of crumbs.
  3. Be sure to show the baby doctor. Together you will take the necessary measures - and your baby will recover.


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