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9 Benefits of worms Lumbricus for Health

Worms Lumbricus is one earthworm species that has many benefits. Earthworms itself does look disgusting but behind apparently disliked most people, earthworms is proved to have many functions, especially for health. Earthworms itself consists of various types are about 1800 species worldwide that have been identified by scientists. 

9 Benefits of worms Lumbricus for HealthThere are two common types of earthworms used for agriculture is a worm Lumbricus and Eisenia Rubellus Fetida. Worm Lumbricus Rubellus are invertebrate animals that live in soil that is fertile and
moist. The worm is a worm groups epigeic.

Some studies show that anti-bacterial material produced by the extraction of earthworms useful for a variety of health problems. Some of the benefits of earthworms to health, namely:

1. Curing typhus
Typhus is a disease that needs to watch and should be treated immediately. Extracts of worms Vermi already well known to overcome this typhus disease. We can find this lumbricus worm extracts in pharmacies with a particular brand. So it is quite easy to find. For the treatment process itself uses higroscopy system, the steps if you want to process itself, namely:
  • Prepare the earthworm lumbricus rubellus then cleaned so free from dirt and other land
  • Pour 3 cups of water as much as 3 times daily dose into the pot
  • Enter the earthworm into the water and boil until boiling
  • Strain then take the water. Refrigerate for a moment before drinking.
2. Lowering cholesterol levels in the blood
Blood cholesterol levels should be maintained because it can be the cause of many other diseases. Earthworm extract can be consumed on a regular basis to address the problem of high cholesterol levels. Able to make their own potions or use instant earthworm extract pill form or another. In addition to using herbs earthworms, cholesterol problems must also be addressed by changing the diet into a healthy diet.

3. Reduce high blood pressure
Efficacy other earthworms that can lower high blood pressure. Indeed, there are many drugs intended to lower high blood pressure, either chemical or herbal medicine. Drugs of earthworms could be one of the alternative medicine that can be used to lower high blood pressure.

4. Increased appetite
In addition to overcoming many diseases, earthworms can also be used to increase appetite. It can be used in children who sometimes are not fond of eating, when they need food intake enough to thrive. So also in the hospital or after hospital that may not yet recovered his appetite.

5. Overcoming gastrointestinal infections
Earthworms can be used to treat a variety of digestive problems. Just like any other disease, we can use potions earthworm made or to buy the extract in pill form.

6. troubleshooting respiratory infection
In addition to digestive problems, earthworms can overcome the problem of respiratory infections TB even classified many had feared. The proper use of earthworms will make it into a natural medicine that is efficacious and can be relied upon to overcome breathing problems.

7. As a health food
Earthworms can not only be used as a medicine but also as a healthy food. In some countries, particularly in Asia and Africa, earthworms cooked for consumption. Earthworms are usually cleaned and cleaved. After that earthworms in the sun to dry before frying. The worm will turn into crisps worms. Food chips this worm turns suspected to treat digestive problems that exist in poor countries so as to reduce the number of deaths due to diarrhea.

8. As the enzyme crusher blood clots
Blood clots in the body is dangerous and can cause a variety of other diseases such as stroke. Research in Canada and then standardize enzyme or enzymes Lumbrokinase earthworms as stroke drug. Vermi enzyme called with Lumbrokinase who works as a proteolytic enzyme.

9. As cosmetic ingredients and stimulants
Earthworms it can be used as an ingredient in cosmetics by having an active compound which is used as medicine. Cosmetic products that use earthworms for example softeners, moisturizers, and anti-infective products. In addition other products are also many materials using earthworm extract.

So earthworms proved to have various benefits that continue to be developed into a variety of useful products. Research on earthworm lumbricus has also been conducted by scientists in various countries. In addition earthworm has also been known as a healthy food in different cultures. Ordinary people should not hesitate to use herbs or medicinal earthworms but should pay attention to the proper use and processing.


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