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15 Benefits Ejaculation Every Day

Ejaculation is an activity that is often done by men, even almost every day. Ejaculation itself has a sense of sperm from the penis.

Usually they do premature ejaculation, the sperm faster processing or prematurely, when your partner is satisfied with the activities.

Ejaculation actually provide its own pleasure for men. How not, because they kept easily aroused by anything. Therefore, most men who often do ejaculate, have greater lovemaking lust. They are mostly to vent their emotions in this way.

Some people claim that the ejaculation, a man can get very high pleasure. Actually, the process of ejaculation not only when they wanted to relate to women, but during masturbation and wet dreams.

Turns ejaculation is not only a source of pleasure, but also beneficial. These include the following:

Preventing stress
When a man ejaculates, the blood pressure rises, making the heart work faster. It makes the blood flow faster pace, relieve stiffness in the muscle. In addition, when a man ejaculate, production of hormone oxytocin increases. This hormone causes a sense of comfort, so avoid the stress. Even able to increase sex drive, simpat, and sexuality.

Appear more youthful
You who love the job ejaculation, more youthful look. Because the male sperm-containing compound spermidine done. Its function is the prevention of skin wrinkles and reduce the chances of premature aging. In fact, these compounds are useful as well as a shield damaged cells. Do not be surprised if there are some cosmetic ingredients that add sperm in its composition.

Provide peace while sleeping
After conducting a man ejaculate, usually they will be easier to sleep. Even many who admit that they sleep more soundly, and feel fresh when you wake up. This happens because the benefits of ejaculation that do men produce hormones tranquility and comfort producing more in the brain. Hormones most out is dopamine, oksitoxin, and endorphins.

Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
Cancer most commonly a scourge for men is prostate cancer. Happy you when to ejaculate every day. Because at that time the prostate gland indirect expenditures substances that are not needed by the body, such as toxic and carcinogenic cells that trigger prostate cancer.

Reduce the risk of 'blue balls'
What's that blue balls? Blue balls is a condition which occurs while the fluid congestion in the surrounding area of ​​the testes and prostate. This happens because of sexual arousal that lasts continuously by men. So that blood racing faster only on the penis, not outside the penis. The solution is to ejaculate fluid that accumulates in the scrotum.

Fertility more awake
Benefits of daily ejaculation can improve fertility sperm. Because if you do it regularly, sperm quality will be better. This is what triggers fertility.

More to love yourself
By doing ejaculate every day, you are able to control yourself. So that our brains can be ordered anytime for passionate optimally or not. For that you are able to accept yourself completely. This is what makes you more to love yourself.

The body is more relaxed
Ejaculated able to increase the maximum body comfort. Your brain will simultaneously produce the hormone of happiness. Such as hormone dopamine, oksitocxin, and serotonin. Enjoyment and satisfaction very surrounds your body.

Good for the heart
Ejaculation is good but makes you feel comfortable, it also increases blood flow to the heart. By doing so, your heart will pump more. Blood exchange which contains O2 is very good for the heart. Normal race pace is also good for the working heart function itself.

Sport light
Ejaculated also one of gentle exercise. Because when you do this, the body burns calories quite a lot. So just like when you do a little exercise.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction
Benefits ejakulsi also become one of the treatments for sexual dysfunction in value quite popular. It is capable of at the start with masturbation advance.

Power to increased erections

Spending their sperm to the penis able to be used as training for the muscles to be stronger. Muscles are most instrumental hip muscle. In fact, many men say, often do this capable menjadikanya reduced risk of genital dysfunction problems and some issues related male.

Improve the system imunnitas
Hormone Cortisol plays an important role in the resilience of the body against disease problems. When a man alone make the process of ejaculation, in fact he also tried removing the hormone cortisol in small amounts. Thus indirectly increasing immunity or immune system, can be used to help fight the disease.

Enhance good mood
Although not as severe as in the case of controlling the mood of women, but men after ejaculation activities will have a better mood, shake the anxiety, and improve mood and liver conditions for the better. Hormone oxytocin and dopamine also plays culprit that comes out well. Until this man feel more relaxed and happy.

Maintain and keep the male genitals
Benefits of daily ejaculation is a form of your attention on vital tool genitals. Because indirectly you will notice a more thorough form of the organ itself. So when there was a drought in tissues of the genital skin or blisters, you soon find out and find a good solution.

It turns out to ejaculate every day is also beneficial, hopefully this article also useful. Thanks


  1. "The body is more relaxed"

    After reading this, I've just now realized why I'm not having any abnormal breathing rates anymore, mainly from anxiety. I wasn't able to calm myself down during the day, even when sleeping. I'm glad I found a solution, thanks.

  2. I love to bust my load of com in the shower
    If u spread your legs. apart Garry as u can it gives u better high when is top ur load.

  3. I masturbate usually every day, it helps me so much, I also have several male masturbators that makes it even more pleasurable! Extremely more pleasurable!

  4. Replies
    1. We mock what we don't understand I for one masterbate freqeuntly and enjoy it. As a matter of fact I think it's even better with a buddy.

  5. ejaculating that drains the life force of a man. the writer of this post is jobless


    2. The author of the responce
      that the author is jobless is clueless. If your body needs fluids it will communicate that need with you. Let's face it if we thought like that would we be spending any money. Or would we worry that the account would go dry LOL

  6. Too much good thing is a bad thing.

    1. Bull I've been jacking off since I was ten and begin fooling with 9 year old girl's about the same time..You can never jack off enough or have enough young tight pussy..The younger the better..

    2. I learned about masturbation while on a family camping trip through Europe. I watched the older guys who were showering and they paid a lot of attention to their genitals. Soaping them up real good and massaging them. I followed suit. Needless to say showers at home got longer and longer. But I learned fast that soap was a very bad thing to use to masturbate with.