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Wrinkle Creams: Dangerous Myths and Reality

Many women consider deterioration of a skin condition - the first sign of aging and there and then run to buy to itself creams from wrinkles. This article offers to understand the main inventions associated with such skin care products.

Foods That Lose Weight: Know What They Are

See their main characteristics, in which to invest and how to consume them. There are many foods that can be our allies in the process of weight loss, as well as to maintain weight and healthier terms in general.

7 Reasons to take a bath, not a shower

Bath is a good way to not only relax at the end of a long day, but also get at least 7 health benefits. Why should I set aside half an hour to soak in a warm bath.

How to cope with leg swelling in the summer months

What are the reasons for swelling in the summer and what needs to be known to cope with this problem.

Comfortable disagreed shoes, which had never let you down before, began to rub the calluses. Legs seem wadded, "buzz" and look bulky. Almost every woman faces such problems in the summer heat. The situation is aggravated during menstruation and pregnancy.

7 crimes committed by women against their breasts

Sometimes we do not even realize that we are screwing up a figure with our own hands.

With the children on the beach: 12 tips for parents

Do you want to spend more than half an hour on the beach so that the child does not whine, that it is hot, is he tired or hungry? Then our recommendations will be useful to you.

How to remove fat from the knees: 7 simple exercises

These exercises, which can be performed at home, will help you to be in great shape, effectively burning fat on the hips and knees.

Exercises at work: the best ideas for charging office workers

These effective exercises will help for a while to distract from business and stretch numb muscles. You will return to work with new forces and interesting ideas.

Features of nutrition during the menstrual cycle

How to eat during menstruation - "Bilous Anna", a leading expert in the Weight Management Program of the FitCurves fitness club network, a sports dietitian nutritionist, a coach in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

How to recover correctly after birth ?

Here comes this long-awaited day - your baby was born. Finally you're at home, happy and full of energy. The husband wears you in his arms, and your little one is cute or snoozes sweetly alongside.