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7 Ways to cheer up in the morning

What can be worse than a bad mood in the morning? If you got up on the wrong foot, arm yourself with one of the ways to easily part with a bad mood.

10 ways to overcome the autumn melancholy

The fact remains: according to statistics, the greatest number of depressions falls on autumn. But with a bad mood you can and must fight.

10 Smart solutions to save time, energy and nerves of parents

Being a parent is not easy, especially when you are too responsible and self-critical parent who wants to be perfect in everything. Mom and Dad, you need to relax, and here are 10 great ways!

Diet for the heart: TOP-23 product

World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29. We will tell you what products are most useful for the health of this body.

10 Reasons Why Children Under 12 Should not Use Gadgets

Children and adolescents use gadgets on average 4-5 times more than recommended by pediatricians.

How to train at extra weight

Experts told how to do fitness with a lot of extra pounds. Weight problems are one of the main reasons why people come to the gym. However, the straw that breaks the back of the camel, everyone has his own. Someone wants to lose 4-5 kilograms, and someone turns to fitness, when fat deposits threaten health.

Insomnia during pregnancy: What to do ?

Future mothers often suffer from insomnia at night. It is difficult to sleep, find a comfortable position, the stomach hinders ... What should I do?

Rosehip: benefits and recipes to strengthen immunity

September is a good time to remember the rosehips, the fruits of which have already matured by this time. If the cold in your plans for autumn and winter does not come in, drink the broth of dogrose and eat it fresh.

Protect your teeth: TOP-10 enemies of a beautiful smile

Beautiful teeth are a business card of a person. What daily habits can significantly harm the beauty and health of the teeth.

Arrhythmia and pregnancy: what to do?

After conception, the woman's body begins to change significantly. The kid tries to adjust the resources of the mother's body for himself. This affects both the heart and blood vessels, so that sinus arrhythmia is as frequent as pigmented spots or depression in a pregnant woman. But what to do, what are the symptoms, causes and treatment of arrhythmia read below.

High Blood Pressure: Follow 10 Steps to Control the Symptom

High blood pressure or, simply, high blood pressure is a sure trigger for a number of ailments - and not just those involving the circulatory system. "Normally, a patient with a pressure equal to or greater than 140 / 90mmHg is diagnosed as hypertensive. They are more likely to suffer from failure in the heart, kidneys and even the brain," says cardiologist.

Tips, how to suspend the aging of the skin

Skin is the biggest organ of a person, and it is not surprising that it is she who first gives out age-related changes. Why some look older than their years, while others look younger.